For people who love massively multiplayer games.

Grownup Gamers

Old farts, parents, seasoned multiplayer veterans, we've been at this since the LAN.

Helpful Guildmates

Tolerant squads that bring others along for their journey. Learning and feedback is a gift.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Haven from toxic gaming culture where it's cool to balance work, life, and hardcore raids.

Massively Multiplayer Guilds

Core Games We Play

These are the primary games where StratsCo has a significant guild presence.

Hardcore guild for mains with sisters alt guilds available

Tri-faction social guild with an emphasis on progression trials

Operating out of a home wormhole with a variety of fleets


Discussion with your fellow Strategists

Aside from the staple MMORPGs we play and outside of the guilds,
members gather as a community and get to know eachother across universes.


Platform-agnostic gaming talk. Board games and table-top, too.


All manner of hardware and non-gaming software discussion


Off topic chatter, obv. Keep it civil and be excellent to each other.


A place for strategists to share their music.


Video streaming discussion and a bit of self-promotion.


We would love to get to know you. A great place to start!

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What is StratsCo?

Since 2014, the community for people who play massively multiplayer games (MMOs)—usually together. We're all about the strategy, gear, and content of gaming, with a special focus on playing MMORPGs together in good company.

We began as a guild in 2014 and have since traveled from one game universe to another. The rest has been an evolution of sticking together, meeting new friends, and great discussion.


Our Community Growth

We've steadily and thoughtfully grown since 2014.


Total Strategists


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